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Owning a yacht certainly sounds like a dream come true but with it comes great responsibility … or not! What if there were a way to enjoy your precious possession without the hassles and headaches of ownership? That’s where Tenebris Lux comes in to take care of your yacht in every aspect! Take all the hard work out and add in effortless fun and there you have it: our PROMISE!

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The key to enjoying the beauty of a yachting adventure lies in an excellent management, which is what we strive to offer with our professional services tailored to the specific needs of each yacht owner. If like us, you want what’s best for your precious then hesitate no more! Take a leap of faith now and delegate the management of your yacht to us so that you can enjoy all the pleasures of hassle-free boating without moving a finger!

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From making sure that your yacht is flawless from the inside out to managing the exceptional people on board and accounting for every penny spent, yacht management no longer holds any secret for us.
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